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I am just an ordinary person who loves exploring places and food. the.fat.guide documents my travels and daily encounters, giving you insights into actual experiences about food, hotels, places and more. 100% authentic, no holds barred, brutally honest and factual opinions provided are from my point of view. Your mileage may vary from mine..

I believe that content should be free. Aside from some affiliate links, there are currently no adverts and sponsorships. However, there are real costs involved in creating posts and maintaining this website.

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Cloudflare – web security, DNS
Hetzner – 100% wind & hydropower cloud hosting in EU
Storj – carbon neutral decentralised web3 cloud storage & CDN
Google Cloud Storage – cloud storage (depreciating)
Proton – private & secure email, VPN, cloud storage
Anyconv – free online file conversion
TinyJPG – free online image file compression
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ManageWP – remote backups
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Brave – private & secure web browser

Degoogle. In the process of moving to alternative services that are decentralised and privacy-friendly. Removed: Google Analytics, Google Search Console.

Greening. Using eco-friendly services when feasible.

Missing images. There are lots of missing images due to a poorly written plugin. Plugin had since been removed but URL for images are all messed up. Will need to manually update every single image on every single post. It will be a long drawn out process likely to take months. Your patience is very much appreciated.


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