Review: Chung Kee Congee (Hong Kong)

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Causeway Bay North Point Wan Chai Yau Ma Tei Hong Kong

Chung Kee Congee

is a chainstore serving an assortment of congee, cheung fun, fried noodles, etc. Decent.

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Sliced Beef Congee

This bowl of sliced beef congee has a raw egg added as an extra. The beef slices are smooth and tender. As for the porridge itself, it is smooth and the raw egg makes it even smoother. Nice flavourings too. The congee is served topped with chopped spring onions. This is nice and likeable.

Zha Leung

This zha leung has a soft cheung fun skin wrapping a piece of soft and chewy yau zha gwai. It is served on a plate with soya sauce added, and you can add your own sweet sauce and peanut sauce. Tastes rather ordinary.

Fried Noodles & Rice Vermicelli

The fried noodles uses thin yellow noodles and has some bean sprouts added. It has a dry texture and is flavoured with soya sauce giving it a savoury taste. A bit overly salty for my tastebuds but it is the normal level in Hong Kong. A rather normal plate of fried noodles, in my opinion.

The fried rice vermicelli has a dry texture. It contains slivers of carrots and cabbage. Tastes rather bland and light in flavours. You can add your own sweet sauce or chilli sauce to boost its flavours. Just average.


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Chung Kee Congee

Shop 7, G/F
432-436 Hennessy Road

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Shop 2, G/F
2-4 North Point Road

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