Place: Oi! (Hong Kong)

Oi!: Lawn & Warehouse



is a public art space near Fortress Hill MTR for visual arts exhibitions. Totally free to visit.

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The main entrance is located on a pedestrian walkway at the end of City Garden Road.


Immediately after the entrance is a lawn.


Immediately at the back of the lawn is an old building known as Warehouse. At the time of visit, there are no exhibitions held in this building.


On the right side of the lawn is a small old building known as Kitchen with some booths space inside.


On the left side of the lawn is a modernist glass building. At the time of visit, it is hosting an art exhibition called Seon with a collection of chinese style paintings.


At the back of Glassie is an open space known as Garden, sandwiched in between City Garden Road and Electric Road.


On one side of Garden is a glass container box known as lounge.

During my visit, a stitching workshop is being hosted here.


On the opposite side from Lounge is a screening area called Deck. Some lounging chairs are provided here. During my visit, a 3D visual arts exhibition is being screened here.

Joyful Trees

Just beside the City Garden Road entrance is a landscape arts project known as joyful trees. A truly tranquil corner in a busy city!


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