[Review] Cheung Sing Restaurant @ Hong Kong

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Four Treasures is Cheung Sing Restaurant’s signature. Four treasures refers to a piece of their signature pan fried pork pork, a slice of luncheon meat, chicken sausage and a fried egg. Four treasures can be served with any combination of rice, noodles, toast, etc. Their signature pan fried pork chop is juicy inside, crispy outside. Simply delicious!

Shown here is their signature Four Treasures Toast set with a piece of buttered thick toast. The Four Treasures Toast is available during breakfast and tea time.

Four treasures toast – a piece of pork chop, luncheon meat, sausage, fried egg and a piece of thick butter toast. Available only during breakfast and tea time.

Fish Fillet with Thick Toast is another tea time dish. It comes with a good portion of fried fish fillet and a piece of buttered thick toast (shown here with 2 slices of thin toast instead). The fish fillet has a crispy batter. With a sprinkle of salt and pepper, it tastes really good.

Fish fillet with thick butter toast (shown here with 2 slices of thin toast instead). Available during tea time only.

Fish Fillet Rice is a variation of their fish fillet dish and is served after breakfast time. By default, it is served with plain rice. However, you can request to have it changed to fried rice for a small extra fee. The version shown is with fried rice.

Fish fillet with fried rice (upgraded from regular menu’s plain rice). Available after breakfast time.

Fried Chicken Cutlet with Fried Spaghetti and Black Pepper Sauce is a special request not found on their regular menu. The chicken cutlet is deep fried with juicy meat inside and crispy batter outside. Spaghetti is pan fried with black pepper sauce added. It is delicious!

Fried spaghetti with fried chicken cutlet and black pepper sauce. Special request after 11am.
Perpetually crowded on a weekend afternoon.
Located in the quaint neighbourhood of Tai Hang.

Cheung Sing Restaurant serves pretty good local cha chaan teng (Hong Kong style cafe) fare. Their pork chop dishes are highly recommended. Best of all, off-menu special requests can be made during off peak periods. I love this place!

Cheung Sing Restaurant
24 King St, Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2890 9129