[Review] Plumcot @ Hong Kong



is a patisserie fronted by two pastry chefs who used to work under Michelin-starred chefs and establishments in France.

It is located in the quaint neighbourhood of Tai Hang, specialising in artisanal ice-cream, French pastries and cakes. The store occupies a ground floor shop unit with a petite-sized front for takeaways. Majority of its space is used as their kitchen.

Their croissants are very popular and usually sells out by lunch time. During weekends, baguettes, bagels and other pastries are available.



Plumcot's petite shop front
Plumcot’s petie shop front.


Butter Croissant

Plumcot: butter croissant
Plumcot: butter croissant.

Butter Croissant

One word. Awesome! This maybe a plain croissant but it is probably the best I have ever eaten. The crust is, crispy and flakey. The insides, soft and fluffily. Even when you leave the croissant out for most of the day, it is still does not lose its crispiness and fluffiness. It is a real pleasure!

Almond Croissant

Plumcot: almond croissant
Plumcot: almond croissant.

Almond Croissant

It is just like their butter croissant with additional almond flakes and sugar coating added to its top. The sugar coating gives this croissant a sweet taste, and the almond flakes adds to its crunchiness.

Strawberry Croissant

Plumcot: strawberry croissant
Plumcot: strawberry croissant.

This is not one of their regular items. It is available once in a while. If you see it available, try it. It comes with their self-made strawberry jam inside. Simply delicious!

Plumcot: strawberry jam inside the croissant
Plumcot: strawberry jam inside the croissant.

Can you see how fluffy and soft the croissant is inside? And look at the crispy flakey crust….. Are you drooling yet?

Cheese Bagel

Plumcot: cheese bagel.
Plumcot: crispy melted cheese outside, chewy texture inside.

Crispy melted cheese outside, chewy texture inside. Totally unlike the pseudo bagels out there. Need I say more?



G/F, 10A Sun Chun St,
Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2573 6293