[Review] Shama Island North Hong Kong

Shama Island North Point.

Shama Island North

is a serviced apartment and hotel located near Fortress Hill MTR station. The MTR station is less than 5 mins walk away. Hotel section is located on the lower levels, 2nd to 4th floors of the building.

Poor experience. Don’t bother staying here. There are better options available at similar price range.

In A Nutshell


Don’t Bother

Gym room

Poor accessibility. Flights of stairs to check-in and yet another flight of stairs to the lift lobby

Thin walls. Can easily hear your neighbours

Small room

Unfriendly staff


Flight of stairs leading to the front desk and lobby area
Shama Island North: Hotel Entrance.
Shama Island North: Small Lobby Area
Shama Island North: Small Lobby Area.
Shama Island North: Front Desk
Shama Island North: Front Desk.
Shama Island North: Lift Lobby
Shama Island North: Lift Lobby.

The entrance for Shama Island North is located on a sloped side street with a flight of stairs to access its lobby and front desk. You’ll need to navigate yet another flight of stairs to access the lift lobby.

Superior Room

Shama Island North: Room Key Card
Shama Island North: Room Key Card.
Small room with a double bed.
Tiny writing desk that is too small to be useful
Tiny writing desk that is too small to be useful.

Their Superior Room is small. It comes with a double bed instead of regular queen size bed.

It has a tiny writing desk that is way too small. It is more like a bedside table rather than writing desk.

The room also comes with a small wardrobe and small pantry by the door.

The room has very thin walls. I can hear my neighbours very clearly, including a couple having a fun time.

In short, totally not worth it. There are much better options out there in the same price range.

Bedside table with alarm clock
Bedside table with alarm clock.
Small wardrobe and pantry
Small wardrobe and pantry.


Small toilet
Small toilet.

The bathroom is tiny. Everything is squeezed into a tiny cubicle. The shower compartment is so small that you’ve to be careful not to bump into the wall and shower screen door when taking a shower.

Small shower compartment
Small shower compartment.

Hotel Facilities

Shama Island North: Gym Room.
Shama Island North: Gym Room.

Gym room is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel.


Shama Island North

310 King’s Road,
North Point,
Hong Kong
+852 3100 8555

Shama Island North.