[Review] Kofu Castle @ Kofu, Japan

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Kofu Castle
1 Chome-5 Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0031, Japan
+81 55-237-5702

Kofu Castle with Mount Fuji in the background (partially covered by clouds).

Kofu Castle in Yamanashi prefecture, is a short walk from Kofu Station North Gate. It is the only castle in Japan with a Mount Fuji view.

Artefacts on display.
More artefacts.
Castle grounds.
Restaurant in castle grounds.
Shopping street in castle grounds.
Map of Maizurujo Park which contains the ruins of Kofu Castle.
Restored castle building in Maizurujo park.
Maizurujo park grounds.
Autumn leaves in Maizurujo park.
Panoramic view of Maizurujo park.
View of Mount Fuji from Maizurujo park.
View of Kofu City from Maizurujo park.
Another view of Kofu City from Maizurujo park.
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