Place: Kofu Castle (Kofu, Japan)

Kofu Castle


Kofu Castle

is located in Kofu, Yamanashi, a short walk away from Kofu JR Station North Gate. It is the only castle in Japan with a view of Mount Fuji.

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Kofu Castle

Kōfu Castle is located in city of Kōfu in Yamanashi Prefecture. It is a short walk from Kōfu Station North Gate. It is the only castle in Japan with a Mount Fuji view. Above is Kōfu Castle with Mount Fuji in the background partially covered by clouds.


Within the castle building, there are various ancient artifacts on display.

Castle Grounds

There are various shops and restaurants within the castle grounds.

Maizurujo Park

The area surrounding Kofu Castle is Maizurujo Park, where both the restored castle building and original castle ruins are located.

It was autumn time during my visit. The park is filled with beautiful hues of autumn leaves.

The View From Maizurujo Park

The top of Maizurujo Park is really scenic, offering views of Mount Fuji (partially covered by clouds) and city views of Kofu.


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Kofu Castle

Marunouchi, Kofu

Google Maps 〒400-0031