Review: ABC Satay Chicken Wing (Singapore)


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ABC Satay Chicken Wing

sells pretty good flavoured satay skewers and BBQ chicken wings. This stall is located in ABC Brickworks Food Centre.

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Satay & BBQ Chicken Wings

ABC Satay Chicken Wing stall’s Satay and BBQ Chicken Wings is good. The satay skewers has meat that is marinated with a sweet tasting seasoning, and grilled until there is a smokey taste. The sweet smokiness of the meat tastes good. The chicken satay has tender chicken meat, and the pork satay has a piece of fatty pork among the lean meat. They come with nice satay sauce on the side, which is just a little spicy, and mixes well with the sweet smokey tastes of the satay skewers.

I like this stall’s BBQ Chicken Wings too. Its skin is grilled until it is crispy and yet its flesh is tender and juicy. Squeeze some lime juice over it and it does not leave a greasy aftertaste. The chilli dipping sauce compliments the chicken wings well. Yummy!

Location: ABC Satay Chicken Wing