[Review] Seng Kee Vegetarian Food @ Singapore

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Seng Kee Vegetarian Food is a very popular stall and they are usually sold out by lunchtime. They sell the usual fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli) and fried noodles with an assortment of vegetarian mock meat and vegetables.

The fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli) is the white version, not the brown ones where dark soy sauce is added when pan-frying. I like this white version better as it isn’t salty and is still tasty.

Seng Kee Vegetarian Food fried bee hoon with assorted mock meat
Fried bee hoon with assorted vegetarian mock meat.

Their fried noodles uses the thinner type of noodles rather than the usual thick round yellow noodles. Personally I prefer the fried noodles over fried bee hoon.

Seng Kee Vegetarian Food fried noodles with mock meat
Fried noodles with assorted vegetarian mock meat.

Now something a bit different from the other stalls – vegetarian mock pork lard! If you order the larger portions of either fried bee hoon or fried noodles, you get a scoop of fried pork lard with your regular assortment of mock meat. This vegetarian version of fried pork lard is made out of bread crumbs. It is crispy and tastes almost like the real thing.

Seng Kee Vegetarian Food vegetarian mock pork lard
Vegetarian mock pork lard.

Seng Kee Vegetarian Food serves one of the best fried vegetarian goose ever. Vegetarian goose is usually made from beancurd skins. This version is deep fried until it is crispy and fluffy, and there is a sweet taste to it. This is definitely a must-eat!

Seng Kee Vegetarian Food fried vegetarian goose
Fried vegetarian goose.
Seng Kee Vegetarian Food
Seng Kee Vegetarian Food @ Beo Crescent.

Seng Kee Vegetarian Food
40 Beo Crescent #01-16,
Singapore 160040
Tel: 62730429