[Review] Stall 18 Roastmania @ Singapore

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Stall 18 Roastmania serves pretty good rendang chicken rice. This dish comes with a large piece of chicken thigh soaked with rendang sauce, served with rice and a side of vegetables with spicy chilli sauce. The rendang sauce is spicy with a little bit of sweetness, and the chicken meat is tender. Instead of plain white rice, flavoured Hainanese chicken rice is served. It is a nice tasty touch.

Stall 18 Roastmania rendang chicken rice
Rendang chicken rice.
Stall 18 Roastmania @ Zion Riverside Food Centre
Stall 18 Roastmania @ Zion Riverside Food Centre.
Zion Riverside Food Centre.

Stall 18 Roastmania
70 Zion Rd,
#01-18 Zion Riverside Food Centre,
Singapore 247792