Review: Jiang Jiang Braised Pork On Rice (Taipei, Taiwan)

Jiang Jiang Braised Pork On Rice: Lu Rou Fan & Fried Chicken

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Review :

Jiang Jiang Braised Pork On Rice

serves a selection of braised pork rice and noodles as well as some sides. Likeable.

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Lu Rou Fan

This bowl of Taiwanese lu rou fan uses rice that is firm and slightly sticky. It is topped with braised pork meat bits. The bits of braised pork is very soft and has some fatty bits. It has has nice braised flavourings. Likeable.

Qie Zai Mian

This bowl of tossed noodles is springy and has a nice light savouring tasting seasoning. It is topped with minced pork meat that has nice savoury and braised flavours. Some lettuce is included on the side. This qie zai mian is nice!

Fried Chicken

This cup of fried chicken has a crispy and airy batter. Its meat is juicy and flavourful. Do note that there are bones attached to the pieces of fried chicken meat. I like this too.


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Jiang Jiang Braised Pork On Rice