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ABC Brickworks Food Centre Singapore

ABC Brickworks Rojak

is a fairly popular stall serving rojak with crispy you tiao and tau pok with juicy fruits slices. Really nice.

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ABC Brickworks Rojak is a fairly popular stall serving rojak. Their rojak comes with the usual you tiao and tau pok pieces. As far as I can tell, it has slices of red apple, cucumber, pineapple, pear, green mango shreds and some bean sprouts.

Both the you tiao and tau pok pieces are toasted with a nice crisp. The various fruits are juicy and fairly sweet. These are mixed together in a sticky rojak sauce containing grated peanuts. Nice sweet flavours with a slight limey taste. More grated peanuts are topped when served. Do note that even though dining in, the rojak is served in a takeout styrofoam box.

Other than their use of styrofoam box, this serving of rojak tastes really nice. I like it.


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