Review: Anas Bakery (Singapore)

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Anas Bakery

is a neighbourhood type of bakery. Their croissant is surprisingly quite good.

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This croissant is crispy outside, fluffy inside with nice buttery flavours. It is surprisingly good for a neighbourhood bakery. Recommended.

Cranberry Scone

This scone is the polar opposite of their croissant. It is hard and dry and crunchy. Tastes of coffee and I can’t taste any cranberry. Thumbs down.


Curry Puff

This is the baked type of curry puff. It has a nice flaky, fluffy crust that is slightly crispy. Contains nicely flavoured curry potatoes inside that tastes slightly sweet. Quite nice.

Tuna Puff

Likewise, this tuna puff is quite nice. Instead of curry potatoes, chunks of tuna fish are used as filling inside a flaky, fluffy crust. It is likeable.


Egg Tart

This egg tart uses a cookie crust with a fragrant custard filling that tastes slightly sweet. Decent choice.

Coconut Tart

For the coconut tart, shredded coconut shavings are used instead of custard and topped with a small piece of cherry. Not overly sweet and tastes nice with the right amount of sweetness. Thumbs up.

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Anas Bakery


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