Review: Ann Hoo Cooked Food (Singapore)

Ann Hoo Cooked Food: Fried Meatball, Teochew Fishcake, Chye Poh Egg, Bean Sprouts with Rice & Curry

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Ann Hoo Cooked Food

offers both cai png and teochew porridge, with a wide selection of mains and sides. Not bad.

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Cai Png

Ann Hoo Cooked Food offers both cai png and teochew porridge, with a wide range of mains and sides to choose from. The dish shown above has fried meatball, teochew fish cake, chye poh egg and stir fried bean sprouts, all served together with rice and curry.

The fried meatball has nice seasoning flavours, is soft and meaty. The teochew fish cake has tiny bits of spring onion and chilli in its soft and smooth fish paste, and tastes nice. The chye poh egg has nice flavours with crunchy chye poh within the fried egg omelette. The stir fried bean sprouts is crunchy and has a nice savoury taste. These are served on a plae of white rice with a nicely flavoured and slightly spicy curry sauce added.

This plate of cai png is not bad.


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Ann Hoo Cooked Food

Cheng San Food Centre

Singapore 560527


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