Review: Char Siu Lang (Singapore)

★★ Excellent!


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Char Siu Lang

definitely does one of the best fatty char siew around. Roast pork and roast chicken available too. Option of rice or noodles.


Char Siew Rice

Char Siu Lang definitely does one of the best fatty char siew around. This char siew has black charred bits of sweet honey coating that is still sticky. With the fatty meat inside, it feels almost like melting in my mouth like a sticky gooey candy. It is very good. Highly recommended.

The rice provided is the chicken rice type of flavoured rice. It is very fragrant and nicely flavoured. Comes with a refreshing bowl of cabbage and radish soup on the side. You can also have it with a garlic chilli sauce which in my opinion is more suited to eat with their roast chicken. The chilli sauce kind of overpowers the minute tastes of this char siew. I would suggest skipping the chilli and enjoy the full flavours of this very lovely fatty char siew.

Char Siew, Roast Pork, Roast Chicken Trio Hakka Noodles

Besides char siew, Char Siu Lang does roast pork siu yuk and roast chicken. If rice isn’t to your fancy, Hakka noodles is available as well. Shown here is their trio of char siew, roast pork and roast chicken with Hakka noodles.

The roast pork here is good too. It has a crunchy and crispy skin. The best thing is, it is not overly salty with nice moist meat flavours. Good. The roast chicken is rather nice too but quite ordinary when compared with tasty their char siew. It has rather nice flavours and moist flesh. Out of the trio, char siew is the best, followed by roast pork, then their roast chicken.

As for the noodles, it is very nice too. It is springy and comes with minced meat and lard. Mix the minced meat and lard together with the noodles and it tastes wonderful. Comes with the usual cabbage soup on the side. Thumbs up!


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Char Siu Lang


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