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Chinatown Complex Food Centre Singapore

Chinatown Omelette Chef

does an assortment of omelette served with either rice or spaghetti. Tastes nice.


Diced Chicken Omelette

This diced chicken omelette contains chunks of soft and juicy chicken meat with some onions, spring onions and tomato bits. The omelette itself is soft with nice savoury flavours. Comes served with either rice or spaghetti, and rice is chosen here.

The rice is firm and topped with a mushroom sauce with sauteed mushroom slices, and some chopped spring onions. The sauteed mushroom has nice flavourings. Served on the side is a piece of lettuce with some sweet corn. This omelette rice is nice. I like it.

Diced Satay Chicken Omelette

A satay version of diced chicken omelette is available as well. It contains chunky pieces of satay flavoured chicken meat in the soft tasty omelette. The chicken is soft and meaty with nice satay flavours. It is nice.

Smoked Duck Omelette

The smoked duck omelette comes with slices of smoked duck placed on top of an egg omelette containing some onions, spring onions and tomato bits. The omelette is soft with nice savoury flavours. The smoked duck is has a nice savoury taste, is soft and meaty with some fatty bits.

This is served with the rice (or spaghetti) that is topped with mushroom sauce, sauteed mushroom slices and chopped spring onions. On the side is a serving of lettuce and sweet corn. This smoked duck omelette rice is definitely likeable.

Prawns Omelette

This is the prawn omelette with spaghetti chosen instead of rice. The soft omelette contains bits of chopped tomatoes, spring onions and onions, and served with slices of fairly fresh tasting prawns on top.

The spaghetti contains some carrot shreds. It is topped with a mushroom sauce with sauteed mushroom slices. Some chopped spring onions and sesame seeds are then sprinkled on top. The spaghetti is firm and tastes nice with the added mushroom sauce. A piece of lettuce with some sweet corn is served on the side. This one is nice too. Thumbs up.


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Chinatown Omelette Chef


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