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Chun Man Yuan Satay

does nicely grilled and flavourful satay in pork, chicken and mutton meats. Tastes lovely!



Chun Man Yuan Satay does nicely grilled satay in pork, chicken and mutton meats with nice sweet seasoning flavours. Comes served with some cucumber slices and onion bits. A bowl of nutty tasting satay sauce with pineapple puree added is provided on the side.

The satay are all very nicely grilled with a slight crisp outside and yet still moist inside. The pork satay has pieces of fatty pork sandwich in between pieces of meaty pork, and the fatty parts grilled crispy are especially nice. The chicken satay is soft and moist with a nice mild smokey taste. The mutton satay is meaty and isn’t gamey at all.

I like the satay here, especially their pork satay. Their satay sauce too, goes really well with the satay. Just one word describes this satay. Lovely!


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