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Seah Im Food Centre Singapore

Daliman’s Korner

is a muslim stall serving mee rebus, gado gado, mee soto, satay. etc. Tastes really good!

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Mee Rebus

The mee rebus has an option to add satay, and seen here is with beef satay added.

This plate of mee rebus comes with pieces of tofu with a boiled egg, served with yellow noodles and bean sprouts in a nicely flavoured sauce and topped with some chopped green chilli and chopped spring onions. The tofu cubes are quite soft. The mee rebus gravy is very flavourful. A bit savoury and a bit spicy. This mee rebus is good! I like it!

An extra begedil is added to this mee rebus, The begedil has a soft potato filling coated with a nice crispy egg coating. Flavourings are good too. Highly recommended as an extra add on.

Gado Gado

The gado gado comes with some tofu cubes, boiled potato cubes, tempeh, rice cake, bean sprouts, half an egg and a piece of fish cracker. These are served in a nice nutty peanut sauce with crunchy peanut bits with a slightly spicy taste and a tint of sweet. A piece of begedil is added as an extra.

The tofu, potato and tempeh are nice and soft. The rice cake is firm and yet soft inside. Egg is just regular boiled egg and the fish cracker is crispy. Comes with rather generous amounts of crunchy bean sprouts too. All these goes really well with the peanut sauce.

This gado gado is good! Also comes with an option with satay added.

Mee Soto

This mee soto comes with chunky pieces of chicken meat served with yellow noodles and bean sprouts in a bowl of nicely flavoured soup. It is topped with some chopped spring onions and fried shallots. The chicken meat is chunky and meaty, fairly soft and smooth too. A piece of begedil is added as an extra. This bowl of mee soto is quite likeable.


Daliman’s Korner does satay too. Available in beef, chicken and mutton meats. These are served with a bowl of satay sauce on the side, and some cucumber slices and onion bits. The rice cake is an optional add on.

The beef satay is firm and meaty. The chicken satay is soft and tender. As for the mutton satay, it has is meaty and chewy with a fatty bit of mutton sandwiched in between 2 chunks of lean meat. The fatty bit is a very nice touch.

A serving of rice cake is also added to this satay. The rice cake is firm and yet soft inside. Rather nice.

All 3 satay has nice sweet seasoning flavours and are nicely grilled. The caramelised parts tastes really good.

A bowl of satay dipping sauce is served on the side. This peanut sauce is nutty and nice flavourings with a slight note of spicy. Goes really well with the satay and rice cake.

This satay is definitely a lovely one. Thumbs up!


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Daliman’s Korner


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