Review: Eng Kee Chicken Wings (Singapore)

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Eng Kee Chicken Wings

is well known for their fried chicken wings and highly disappointing. They have a handful of outlets in Singapore.

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Fried Chicken Wings

Eng Kee Chicken Wings is well known for their fried chicken wings that are supposedly good. However my own taste test find them subpar. Although its skin is crispy, its flesh is dry without the juiciness usually associated with chicken wings. This chicken wing has a lightly floured skin that is mildly salty and dry. Dip it into the accompanying chilli sauce and it gets very much better. It is the chilli sauce that makes the chicken wing feels juicy. But on its own without the chilli dip, it is a pretty dried up piece of fried chicken wing. A good piece of fried chicken wing should be juicy with crispy skin on its own without the need for any additional sauces and dips. This is seriously disappointing.


Fried Noodles & Fried Mee Hoon

Besides fried chicken wings, Eng Kee Chicken Wings also sells light food like fried noodles and fried mee hoon with the usual assortment of sides like fried eggs, luncheon meat, fish cake, ngo hiang, etc. The portions for fried noodles and fried mee hoon is quite large for its price.

The fried noodles has a strong alkaline taste. Good thing is, it is mixed with some kway teow that helps to even out the alkaline taste. Nothing amazing here, just decent tasting. The fried mee hoon is average too. Fried with dark soya sauce seasoning and tastes just like another regular fried mee hoon. Just plain average.



Eng Kee Chicken Wings


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