Review: Fu Hua Soya Bean (Singapore)

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Fu Hua Soya Bean

sells various types of soya beancurd desserts and soya milk drinks. Tasty!

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Soya Beancurd

Soya Beancurd with Sugar Syrup

This is the traditional type sold in Singapore, Soya Beancurd served with just sugar syrup. This soya beancurd has a soft and very smooth texture that you can literally swallow without chewing. Very nice.

Soya Beancurd with Gula Melaka

This soya beancurd uses gula melaka instead of sugar syrup as its sweetener. It is not overly sweet and goes well with the smooth beancurd. Very good.

Soya Beancurd with Longan

Soft and smooth soya beancurd with sweet crunchy longan. What a tasty combo! Highly recommended that you eat this cold. Refreshingly good.

Soya Beancurd with Grass Jelly

This has grass jelly added to the soya beancurd. Soft, smooth and so tasty.

Soya Milk

Soya Milk

This soya milk is sweetened with sugar syrup. Nice strong soya milk flavours that isn’t diluted, and not too sweet. Nicely balanced.

Soya Milk Gula Melaka

This soya milk is sweetened with gula melaka instead of regular sugar syrup. It is sweet but not overly sweet. Very good.

Soya Milk Almond

Nice almond flavour with rich soya milk tastes, that isn’t diluted. This is refreshingly good.

Soya Milk Peppermint

This has a mild minty peppermint taste. Feels kind of strange to have a minty flavoured soya milk, but tastes decent.

Soya Milk with Grass Jelly

This soya milk has grass jelly added. The grass jelly is so soft and smooth that you can literally just drink it. Yet another good option.

Soya Milk Bandung

This has bandung syrup added instead of sugar syrup. Nice soya bean flavours with slightly sweet taste of bandung. Lovely.


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Fu Hua Soya Bean


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