Guide: Beo Crescent Food Centre (Singapore)



UPDATED 04-May-2023

Beo Crescent Food Centre

Total 32 Stalls // Reviews 21


Not Rated

Nonya Kueh



Not Rated

Guang Dong Xiang Gang Wei Dao

Not Rated

Quan Zhou Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh

Not Rated

Fu Hua Coffee

Not Rated

Uncle Lim’s Beverages

Not Rated

Swee Heng Coffee Shop

Not Rated

Masala Canteen

Not Rated

Best Roasted Duck

Not Rated

Porridge Kiosk

Not Rated

Kelate Kelantanese Cuisine

Former Stalls:


Beo Crescent Food Centre


Guide: Beo Crescent Food Centre (Singapore)

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