Review: Heng Heng Popiah Fishball Noodle (Singapore)

Heng Heng Popiah Fishball Noodle: Mee Pok & Popiah



Heng Heng Popiah Fishball Noodle

does popiah and fishball noodles. Their fishball is so soft that it is almost melting in mouth. Good!

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Fishball Noodles

Heng Heng Popiah Fishball Noodle does fishball noodles with usual selection of noodles. Seen above is their dry version of mee pok. It comes with mushroom slices, minced meat, fish cake slices, fish dumpling and fishballs.

The braised mushroom is soft and flavourful, and the minced meat is soft and meaty. The fish cake is soft and smooth with savoury fish flavours. The fish dumpling has a smooth skin with meaty filling and tastes decent. As for the fishball, it is very smooth and really soft. It is so soft that it feels like it is almost melting when biting into it. The fish paste comes with tiny bits of spring onions and chilli. It is so good!

The tossed mee pok noodles is a bit soft and fairly smooth. It is quite nicely flavoured with a hint of ketchup. A bowl of nicely flavoured soup is served on the side.

This mee pok is a decently likeable one, and the fishball is really good. Definitely worth ordering extras! The good rating goes to the wonderfully nice fishballs.


Heng Heng Popiah Fishball Noodle also does popiah. As far as I can tell, this popiah has a filling made of radish shreds, carrot shreds, lettuce, lap cheong, boiled egg bits, fried crispy bits and crunchy grated peanuts. The popiah skin is soft and slightly chewy and its filling is moist and flavourful, not too sweet either. This popiah is likeable as well. Thumbs up!


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Heng Heng Popiah Fishball Noodle


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