Review: Hua Li Fried Carrot Cake (Singapore)

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🖓 Lousy

Hua Li Fried Carrot Cake

is supposedly one of the top 10 carrot cakes in Singapore. Way too lousy. It is probably top 10 from the bottom.


Fried Carrot Cake

Hua Li Fried Carrot Cake is supposedly one of top 10 fried carrot cakes in Singapore. Comes in the usual white and black versions.

The white fried carrot cake uses small cubes of radish cake and pan fried with egg until it is light golden brown. It looks good and crispy. However its looks are really deceiving. It is soft and there is no crisp. Tastes quite bland too. Bad.

Likewise, the black version of fried carrot cake uses the same small cubes of radish cake, fried with eggs and with sweet sauce added. Same as the white ones, it is soft and bland. No char, no crisp. Fail.

Both versions of the fried carrot cake here are lousy. Yes, this is a top 10 carrot cake but probably from the bottom. Don’t waste your stomach on this one.

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Hua Li Fried Carrot Cake


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