Review: Ipoh Yong Tau Fu (Singapore)

Ipoh Yong Tau Fu: Yong Tau Foo Yellow Noodles Soup & Sweet Sauce

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Ipoh Yong Tau Fu

offers a selection of yong tau foo pieces with choice of noodles in dry, soup or laksa gravy. Laksa version is likeable.

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Yong Tau Foo

The yong tau foo above is the soup version with yellow noodles chosen. The various pieces of young tau foo are served together with the noodles in a bowl of nicely flavoured soup.

The fried wanton has a slightly crispy skin with a savoury meaty filling, though its skin is fast getting soft soaking in the soup. The fried fish cake contains spring onions and chilli bits in its fish paste, and is rather soft, smooth and springy. The tau pok is flavourful soaking up the soup’s flavours and its fish paste is decently smooth. The meatball is rather flavourful and soft. The fish roll is firm and springy with a decent savoury taste. The teochew fishball contains spring onions and chilli bits in its fish paste, and is decently soft but not exactly smooth. Comes served with a sweet sauce and dried shrimp flavoured chilli paste on the side.

This bowl of yong tau foo yellow noodles soup is decent.

Laksa Yong Tau Foo

A laksa version of their yong tau foo is available as well. Seen above is with yellow noodles chosen.

The flat fish cake is firm and flavourful. The fried flat tau kee has a fairly smooth fish paste filling sandwiched in between. The fried ngo hiang ball has nice flavours with a hint of yam. The fried dumpling has a crispy skin with flavourful and meaty filling. The teochew fishcake comes with spring onions and chilli bits in its fish paste. and is firm and springy. The meatball is soft and flavourful with an inner meat filling inside. As for the laksa gravy, it has nice dried shrimp flavours with a note of spiciness. Not bad.


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Ipoh Yong Tau Fu

Seah Im Food Centre

Singapore 099114


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