Review: Jia Xiang (Singapore)

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★★ Excellent!

Jia Xiang

dishes out mouthwatering good mee siam and lontong. Probably one of the best in Singapore.

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Mee Siam

This Chinese style mee siam is not your regular type of mee siam. It has quite a handful more ingredients than usual. Most mee siam comes with just a hard boiled egg and tofu. This comes with extra fried egg omelette, ngo hiang slices, fish cake slices, and crispy fried bread crumbs. The mee hoon comes soaked in a mildly spicy, slightly sweet and sourly gravy, and comes with scoop of sweet sambal chilli with nice flavours of dried shrimp. Tastes really good. This is probably one of the best ever mee siam in Singapore.



The lontong here is good too. It has a mildly spicy curry sauce with a tint of sweetness, containing lots of vegetables and ikan bilis. Just like their mee siam, this lontong contains extras. Besides the usual lontong rice and hard boiled egg, this comes with fried egg omelette, ngo hiang slices, fish cake slices, tau pok and tofu slices. A pleasant surprise is, it is topped two types of sambal chilli instead of just one. Besides their regular sweet sambal, there is also a scoop of hae bee hiam (dried shrimps spicy sambal). This is truly good.

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Jia Xiang


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