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Amoy Street Food Centre Singapore

Jin’s Noodle

serves sarawak kolo mee and chicken cutlet mee. Choice of kolo mee or spinach noodles. Both are nice.


Sarawak Kolo Mee

The sarawak kolo mee above has spinach noodles chosen. It comes with minced meat, char siew slices, both fried wanton and boiled wanton. Comes with a bowl of nice ikan bilis flavoured soup on the side.

The char siew is the lean meat type. It is meaty with a slight hint of sweet. The fried wanton has a crispy skin and the boiled wanton a soft skin. Both has a nicely flavoured meaty filling. As for the noodles, it is firm and springy. A black sauce and fried shallot oil seasoning is used, and each strand of noodles appears to be very nicely coated with oil. I like it!

Chicken Cutlet Mee

The chicken cutlet mee above uses the regular kolo mee. The chicken cutlet is crispy outside, moist and meaty inside with nice flavours. The kolo mee is firm and springy with a savoury taste. It is tossed in a seasoning of black sauce, fried shallot oil and crispy lard, giving each strand of noodles a nice coating of oil. This is very likeable too.


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Jin’s Noodle

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