Review: Lu Ge Wanton Noodle (Singapore)

Lu Ge Wanton Noodle: Wanton Mee

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Lu Ge Wanton Noodle

is a stall serving a small selection of wanton mee and dumpling noodles. Likeable.

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Wanton Mee

Lu Ge Wanton Noodle serves wanton mee with the usual tossed noodles, slices of char siew and a bowl of wanton soup. The fried wanton is an extra add-on.

The tossed noodles comes with some vegetables and crispy pork lard. It is firm and springy and has nice seasoning flavours. The char siew used is the lean type that is soft and meaty with a light note of sweetness. The soup wanton dumpling has a soft skin wrapping a savoury tasting meat filling that is soft and meaty. The accompanying bowl of ikan bilis flavoured soup has a nice savoury taste. As for the fried wanton, it has crispy skin with a soft meat filling.

This wanton mee is likeable.


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Lu Ge Wanton Noodle


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