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Ma Bo Lor Mee: Lor Mee


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Ma Bo Lor Mee

sells variations of lor mee with several outlets located throughout Singapore. Tastes average though.

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Lor Mee

Ma Bo Lor Mee sells a few variations of lor mee – traditional type, with chicken cutlet or with fried fish. The traditional lor mee comes with fish cake slices, fish ngo hiang slices, half a braised egg, small slices of braised pork belly and fried fish. The chicken cutlet version comes with just chicken cutlet and half a braised egg.

This lor mee uses thicker type of yellow noodles soaked in a very starchy gravy. The noodles with its starchy gravy has an alkaline taste to it, not to my liking.

The chicken cutlet has quite a thick flour batter coating, tastes decent but has lost its crispiness. The fried fish has thick flour batter as well, and is crispy. However the flour batter is so thick that I can’t even taste the fish meat in some of the pieces. Definitely not a good one.

Let’s be generous and just call this an average lor mee instead of poor.


Lor Mee

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Ma Bo Lor Mee

Albert Centre

Singapore 180270

Bedok Central 216 HC

Singapore 460216

Boon Lay Place Food V

Singapore 641221

Cheng San Food Centre

Singapore 560527

Geylang Bahru FC

Singapore 330069

Hong Lim Food Centre

Singapore 051531

Marine Parade Central FC

Singapore 440084

Mayflower Food Centre

Singapore 560162

409 AMK Food Centre

Singapore 560409


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