Review: Makan Fried Rice (Singapore)

Makan Fried Rice: Sambal Egg Fried Rice with Chicken Chop

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Makan Fried Rice

does 5 flavours of fried rice with a choice of mains. Tastes decent but fried rice is a bit too moist.

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Makan Fried Rice does 5 flavours of fried rice: egg fried rice, sambal fried rice, mala fried rice, tom yum fried rice and seaweed fried rice. These can be paired with: chicken cutlet, chicken chop, fried prawns, luncheon meat and crab meat.

Egg Fried Rice

The egg fried rice is fairly firm and quite flavourful with slivers of eggs. However some of the rice is a bit mushy with too much moisture. Personally, I like my fried rice to be drier, but this is still acceptable.

The chicken cutlet is a small cut of chicken meat with savoury seasoning flavours. It has a very crispy and flavourful skin, however its meat is a bit dry. Still decent though.

Sambal Egg Fried Rice

Just like the egg fried rice, the sambal egg fried rice is a bit moist but still fairly firm. It has nice sambal flavours that is a bit spicy and a bit sweet. A slightly sweet tasting chilli paste is also served on the side.

The chicken chop is a decently sized stab of meat that is nicely seasoned. It is nicely grilled with some slightly crispy edges on its soft and juicy meat. Its skin is soft and flavourful. Personally I like their chicken chop over their chicken cutlet.

Mala Egg Fried Rice

The mala egg fried rice is a bit mushy with too much moisture in its rice. The mala flavouring is decent though.

The luncheon meat used is chicken meat ones rather than the usual pork ones. It is fried with slightly crispy outsides and soft insides, just like how a regular luncheon meat should be.

Tom Yum Egg Fried Rice

Similarly, the tom yum egg fried rice is a bit lumpy with too much moisture in its rice. Tom yum flavours are decent though.

The fried prawns are done Japanese fried ebi style, probably the supermarket type. It has a nice crispy breaded crust covering the soft prawn meat. Decent.

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Makan Fried Rice


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