Review: Malaysia Chiak! (Singapore)


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Malaysia Chiak!

is a food court selling Malaysian hawker food with locations across Singapore. Some Malaysian hawker food may share the same names with its Singapore counterparts, they can taste quite differently.

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Loh Bak

This Loh Bak is quite good. The fried flat prawn dumpling is good too. The fried tofu, fish cake and century egg are just your regular stuff though.

Curry Chicken Mee

This Curry Chicken Mee is good. It comes with slices of chicken meat that is tender and smooth, and the tau pok (beancurd puffs) pieces soaking up the tasty flavours of the curry gravy. Nice!

Fishball Noodles

This Fishball Noodles is just average. Shown here is the mee kia (thin yellow noodles) version. The noodles are tossed with vinegar, chilli and pork lard but a tad overcooked and too soft. The fishballs are quite good though. Made from saury fish meat, it is soft and springy.

Penang Carrot Cake

Penang Fried Carrot Cake uses larger chunkier pieces of carrot cake compared to Singapore’s version of fried carrot cake. Lard is used to pan fry eggs on the wok first before chunky pieces of carrot cake are added on top of the frying eggs. These are then stirred fried with soy sauce and bean sprouts. Chopped spring onions are then added on to the carrot cake. The end results – a plate of flavourful carrot cake.

Penang Char Kuay Teow & Fried Oyster Omelette

This Penang Char Kuay Teow is really good. Unlike the local Singapore version which is a mixture of kway teow (flat rice noodles) with some yellow noodles, this version is with kway teow only. It is stir fried with eggs, bean sprouts and a couple of prawns. Be prepared to wait for half-an-hour during busy meal times.

The Penang Fried Oyster Egg Omelette is delicious too. A couple of eggs are pan fried with starch and lard until it’s fairy crispy, with chilli sauce and oysters added. A chilli sauce dip is available on the side. Its flavours are good.

Damansara Chilly Pan Mee

Damansara Chilly Pan Mee is a decent choice. This ban mee comes with an egg, minced pork, mushrooms, ikan bilis (anchovies) and vegetables. You stir and mix up all the ingredients into a mess to get all its flavours out before eating it. It tastes quite well.

Popiah & Rojak

This version of Popiah is slightly wetter from the turnip sauce and not too sweet. It is filled with finely grated steamed turnip, bean sprouts, lettuce leaves, grated carrots, peanut powder, fried shallots, shredded egg and sweet sauce on its popiah skin.

Rojak is just average though. Youtiao is crispy, which is good. However its rojak gravy is a bit too watery and average tastes.

Ban Chang Kueh

This is a thin and crispy version of Ban Chang Kueh. It is somewhat like a thin wafer with crush peanuts and sugar topping. Good for snacking.


This Chendol is not too sweet. It has a generous serving of coconut milk, giving it a rich taste and fragrant aroma. It is a refreshing dessert on a warm day.

Locations: Malaysia Chiak!

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1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
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