Review: Old Hougang Yue Li Claypot Dishes (Singapore)

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Zion Riverside Food Centre Singapore

Old Hougang Yue Li Claypot Dishes

does a selection of tze char and claypot dishes. Various fried noodles and rice too.

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Claypot Chicken Curry

This chicken curry uses chunks of boneless chicken meat and potatoes served in a claypot. The chicken meat is soft and meaty, and the chicken skin is smooth with nice flavours of curry. The potato pieces are fried prior to adding them into the curry gravy, which is a really nice touch. The curry itself is fragrant and has nice flavourings of coconut milk. This comes served with a bowl of rice. The portions are decent and flavours are nice. I like it.

Hor Fun

The hor fun is wok fried with nice smokey flavours of wok hei. A starchy savoury tasting gravy with eggs, prawns, fish slices, pork slices and some vegetables is then added to the hor fun. Nice.

Sweet Sour Pork Rice

This sweet sour pork comes served with rice and a fried sunny side egg with watery yolk. The deep fried pork pieces is crispy and meaty and glazed in a nicely flavoured sweet sour sauce with slightly sweet tastes. These are wok fried with onions, tomato and cucumber slices, and topped with sesame seeds. Portions are quite good too. Definitely a hearty meal.

Har Cheong Gai

The har cheong gai has crispy chicken skin and moist meat with nice savoury flavours. Comes served with a sweet tasting chilli dip on the side. Decently likeable.


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Old Hougang Yue Li Claypot Dishes


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