Review: Ong Khim Popiah (Singapore)


Ong Khim Popiah

is a stall located in ABC Brickworks Food Centre selling freshly wrapped popiah.


Ong Khim Popiah uses crab sticks slices instead of the usual prawns or lap cheong slices (Chinese sausage) for its popiah filling. Sweet sauce is spread on the popiah skin before fillings of grated steamed turnip, bean sprouts, lettuce, crushed peanuts and shredded egg were added, and wrapped up into a spring roll. The double popiah skin wrapping gives this popiah a chewy texture and tastes less sweet. However, some parts of the popiah skin is a bit dried up though. It would have been better if the popiah skin is kept moist during storage before use. All in all, this is a decent tasting popiah.

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Ong Khim Popiah

6 Jalan Bukit Merah,
#01-124 ABC Brickworks Food Centre,
Singapore 150006