Review: Poh Preserved Veg Hor Fun (Singapore)

★★ Excellent!


Chinatown Complex Food Centre Singapore

Poh Preserved Veg Hor Fun

does a rarely found chye poh hor fun with either prawns or oysters. It is absolutely lovely!

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Chye Poh Hor Fun

Poh Preserved Veg Hor Fun does something that is very rarely found – chye poh hor fun. It is served with either prawns or oysters. Seen above is the chye poh hor fun with prawns.

This chye poh hor fun is served flat with an egg coating looking like one of those flat pancake style white fried carrot cake. Dig into it and the difference is immediate. Instead of soft radish cubes found in fried carrot cake, it contains hor fun! To be very honest, this is the very first time I have ever come across this dish.

Similar to a plate of good fried carrot cake, this chye poh hor fun has a nice crispy egg coating. The egg comes with some spring onions, chye poh and prawns. Flavourings is good and the prawns are decently sized and nice. The hor fun inside has a nice firm texture and fairly smooth.

The experience is just like eating a good serving of crispy fried carrot cake with hor fun insides. I am totally blown away by this. This is absolutely lovely! Highly recommended!!

Har Cheong Gai

Besides chye poh hor fun, har cheong gai is served here as well. This har cheong gai uses mid wings and drumlets. It has moist, soft and tender meat with a nice crispy and airy skin. Nice savoury seasoning flavourings too. This prawn paste chicken is good for snacking on and definitely a likeable one. Thumbs up!


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Poh Preserved Veg Hor Fun


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