Review: Selera Restaurant (Singapore)



Selera Restaurant

has been selling curry puffs since 1965. They are famous for their curry puffs and have since expanded their offerings to other local snacks too

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Curry Puff

Chicken Curry Puff

This Chicken Curry Puff has nice fragrant curry potato fillings with a small piece of chicken meat and quarter slice of egg. It is a bit more spicy than other commercial curry puffs. The letdown is in its crust. It is soft and tastes kind of thick.

Sardine Curry Puff

Sardine Curry Puff is another traditional curry puff filling. It has good portions of sardine fish mixed with curry potato filling. The filling is good, but its crust is the spoiler.

Lamb Curry Puff

Lamb Curry Puff is something uncommon. This has a large chunk of curry mutton meat and curry potato fillings. It tastes just like having mutton and potato curry. Its filling is nice. It would have been a really nice curry puff if not for its crust.

Location: Selera Restaurant