Review: Baker’s Brew (Singapore)

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Baker’s Brew

is a cake shop providing artisanal cakes and pastries. There are several cake flavours that are adaptations from popular local desserts.

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Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Ondeh Ondeh cake is their signature flavour. It has two layers of soft and moist pandan sponge, sandwiching a fragrant gula melaka, soaked grated coconut filling with some toasted coconut bits. It is topped coconut buttercream and more gula melaka soaked grated coconut. This is a nice twist to a local flavour, ondeh ondeh.

Chendol Cake

Chendol cake is their take on the traditional chendol dessert, using stacked cake layers to recreate chendol’s flavours. At the very bottom is a green pandan sponge cake. Next up, the white layer is a coconut hoon kueh (steamed cake) filling. Followed by a layer of red bean paste, and a layer of gula melaka. The top layer is a gula melaka and chendol flavoured jelly filled with some green pandan jelly. Some green jelly and red beans top off this piece of cake. This cake replicates chendol’s flavours quite nicely. Dope.


Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Salted Caramel Chocolate cake is a popular choice. It comes with two layers of rich chocolate sponge with a salted caramel filling in between. It is frosted with a salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream.

Earl Grey Lavender Cake

Earl Grey Lavender cake has two layers of earl grey infused sponge, filled with earl grey flavoured liquid cheese and frosted with floral lavender buttercream. This cake leaves an earl grey flavoured aftertaste in your mouth. It is nice.


Strawberry Speculoos Cake

Strawberry Speculoos is a rather nice cake. It has two layers of strawberry sponge, made with homemade strawberry jam and crushed speculoos. It is frosted with a strawberry buttercream and dusted with crushed speculoos biscuit.

Lychee Mango Cake

Lychee Mango cake has a fruity taste. It has two layers of lychee infused sponge, filled with mango curd in between. It is frosted with mango buttercream.


Lemon Raspberry

Lemon Raspberry cake has two soft and light lemon infused sponge layers, filled with homemade raspberry jam in between. It has nice lemon flavours and not too sweet. I quite like this.

Chocolate Symphony

Chocolate Symphony is literally its name, a symphony of chocolates. Its base is made of Oreo biscuits, stacked with a layer of chocolate cheesecake, a dark chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache. It has rich chocolate flavours and sweet. Tastes good at first bite but it gets overly heavy with subsequent bites. However if you love rich chocolate flavours, you would probably like this.


Dual Fromage Cheesecake

Dual Fromage is a tasty cheesecake that is creamy and smooth. A light, fluffy and delicate chilled mascarpone mousse is topped off with finely grated parmesan cheese. It is decent choice for cheese lovers.


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Baker’s Brew


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