Review: Syohachi Yakiniku (Singapore)

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Syohachi Yakiniku

is a yakiniku restaurant originating from Hong Kong serving A5 wagyu and more. Quite ordinary though.


A5 Wagyu Platter

This A5 wagyu platter comes with an assortment of cuts: wagyu brisket, wagyu knuckle, wagyu tri trip and wagyu bite size. The wagyu bite size is soft and tender. As for the rest, they are meaty and somewhat lean. It is served with a dipping soya sauce. Quite ordinary but pretty decent for Singapore’s standard. Definitely nothing like the ones in Japan.

Garlic and Diced Bite-sized Wagyu

This bite-sized diced wagyu uses a garlic based seasoning that has a nice sweet taste. The beef is very soft and tender with some fatty parts, and the charred caramelised parts are especially nice. Recommended.

Premium Short Plate with Fruit Juice

This small stab of beef is seasoned with fruit juice. It is rather soft and tender with a slightly fruity sweet taste. Not bad.

Sashimi Platter

The sashimi platter comes with slices of salmon, tuna and scallops served on ice and a dollop of wasabi on the side. The sashimi tastes rather decent for Singapore’s standard, though nothing like the really fresh ones in Japan.

Fried Oyster

This deep fried oyster has a crispy crust outside with juicy oyster filling inside. It is rather nice, though there is a bit of oil on the plate.


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Syohachi Yakiniku


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