Review: Tiong Bahru Kampong Carrot Cake (Singapore)

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Tiong Bahru Market Singapore

Tiong Bahru Kampong Carrot Cake

is a stall selling fried carrot cake in the usual black and white versions. Its fried carrot cake is way overrated and subpar.

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Fried Carrot Cake

Tiong Bahru Kampong Carrot Cake dishes out both the white version and black version of fried carrot cake.

The radish cake used is the larger chunky type which is more suited for the black version of fried carrot cake. However the black version of fried carrot cake is a huge letdown. With the sweet black sauce added, it becomes a soggy mess with the sweet black sauce still wet on the plate.

The white ones, without any sweet black sauce added is better and drier, but still subpar and lacking in flavours. The only saving grace of the white carrot cake is in its fried egg with chye poh, which gives it some flavours.

Overall, this fried carrot cake that is lousy and way overrated. What a waste of my stomach space!


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