Review: Uni Gallery By OosterBay (Singapore)

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Uni Gallery by OosterBay

is a Japanese restaurant and art gallery. Nice concept, decent food but mismatch location.


Salmon Belly Sashimi

This salmon belly served fresh on ice shavings. It is fatty and almost melts in my mouth. Nice!

Sakoshi Bay Oyster

Likewise the oysters are served fresh on ice shavings. These oysters from Sakoshi Bay are juicy and tastes rather nice with a dash of lemon.

Beef Yakiniku

The beef yakiniku set comes with a bowl of Japanese rice, a salad bowl and miso soup with the beef. The rice is quite fragrant and the white sesame seeds topping is a nice touch. The salad is crunchy with miso dressing and the miso soup is lightly flavoured and isn’t overly salty. Contains tofu, radish, carrots and seaweed. As for the beef, it is tender and juicy with yellow onion, shimeji mushroom and carrot. Tastes fine when eaten together with rice but on its own, it is a bit too salty for my tastebuds. For those who like their food savour, this is a rather good choice.

In summary, I am someone who doesn’t eat Japanese cuisine outside Japan as many of these places are subpar when compared to the quality of food within Japan. However Uni Galley by OosterBay is decently likeable in Singapore’s context for Japanese cuisine. Thumbs up.


There are various pieces of pop art prints located throughout the restaurant. Shown here are the Doraemon 2018 edition numbered art prints by Takashi Murakami. The art pieces here are curated by simpleArte and on show until 30th March 2021.


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Uni Galley by OosterBay


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