Review: Whampoa Nan Xiang Chicken Rice (Singapore)



Whampoa Makan Place Singapore

Whampoa Nan Xiang Chicken Rice

serves really nice chicken rice. Usual hainanese chicken and roast chicken available.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Whampoa Nan Xiang Chicken Rice sells the usual hainanese chicken and roast chicken with rice.

The white hainanese chicken has fairly smooth and tender meat, and its skin is soft and smooth. The roast chicken has decently moist meat and its skin is still crispy with nice savoury tastes. It is nice. The chicken pieces comes served with a few slices of cucumber on a plate with soya sauce seasoning added. One minor downside though, the chicken pieces are not deboned

The accompanying plate of rice is nicely fragrant and flavourful. It is really tasty. Comes served with a bowl of savoury tasting soup and spicy and garlicky chilli sauce on the side. This is definitely a lovely plate of chicken rice. Very likeable.


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