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Marine Parade Central Food Centre Singapore

Xing Long Cooked Food

sells cai png with a selection of dishes to choose from. At most average and it is overpriced.

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Cai Png

Xing Long Cooked Food sells cai png with an assortment of dishes to choose from. Shown here are with sweet sour pork, fried prawns, begedil and chye poh omelette stacked on a plate of curry rice.

The sweet sour pork is soft and isn’t crispy at all. Its taste is a bit too intense as well. Not exactly a nice one. The prawns however are quite decent. It has a thick batter coating that is crispy and airy. However the prawns inside are quite puny. The begedil is quite a failure too. Its egg coating isn’t crispy and the potato isn’t mashed up nicely. Chye poh omelette as well isn’t all that nice. It has a nice mild sweetness, however it is a tad too salty. As for the curry, it is mildly spicy and the type without fragrant coconut milk flavours which is totally fine. The thing is, they’re stingy with the curry sauce with just a corner with curry sauce and the leaving the rest of the plain rice unflavoured.

This plate of cai png definitely a waste of my stomach space, and it is overpriced as well. Maybe I did not order the right stuff here. In any case, I am giving this an average rating only because the fried prawns are decent. Otherwise, this is quite a poor tasting plate of cai png. I don’t even consider this average. Next, please!


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Xing Long Cooked Food


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