Place: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Taipei, Taiwan)

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park: Inner Garden Fountain

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Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

is a former tabacco factory and warehouses compound transformed into a cultural and events space, supporting local Taiwanese artists and designers.

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Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is a former tabacco factory and warehouse compound that has been transformed into an area for cultural and arts events, with some shops and restaurants in a serene park setting. It is located within walking distance from both Taipei City Hall Station and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station.

Tabacco Factory Building

The former tabacco factory building has been nicely restored, housing event and shop spaces supporting local Taiwan artists and designers.

Inner Garden

Within the tabacco factory building is a baroque style inner garden with a fountain as its centrepiece.

Taiwan Design Museum

Taiwan Design Museum is located at one of the wings in the tabacco factory building near the park entrance.

Warehouse Buildings

There are more event space available at the warehouse buildings. At time of visit, there is a flea market with music performances.

Restuarants & Cafes

There are also several restaurants and cafes housed in a couple of restored buildings.

Art Installations

There are a few art installations located throughout the park.

Park Grounds

There is an ecology pond formerly used by the tabacco factory for fire extinguishing, ventilation, etc. There is even a plot of land next to Eslite Hotel used as an organic farm.

Located at the fringes of the park are Taipei Arena and Taipei New Horizon, a shopping mall with shops, a food court, restaurants and cafes as well as an Eslite Spectrum bookstore. Housed in the upper floors of the same building is Eslite Hotel, a truly lovely place to stay at.


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Songshan Cultural and Creative Park