Review: 323 Food & Beverage (Singapore)

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Bukit Merah View Food Centre Singapore

323 Food & Beverage

is a fairly popular stall selling a decent selection of western and japanese food. Nice.

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Chicken Chop

At 323 Food & Beverage, you can choose to have rice with rice or toast with fries to go with your western food.

The chicken chop is crispy outside and moist inside with nice savoury flavours, and its chicken skin is smooth and crispy. It is served with some black pepper sauce drenched on it.

Seen here is with rice, fries, coleslaw and baked beans. The rice has quite a nice firm texture, and the baked beans are just regular stuff. The fries are fairly crispy and soft inside. As for the coleslaw, it is crunchy with a creamy and sweet tasting salad dressing. The coleslaw is nice and I like this chicken chop. Recommended.

Chicken Cutlet

The chicken cutlet is rather large in size. It has a nice thick crispy breaded crust and moist meat, with decent flavours. Toast is chosen instead of rice. The toast is kind of soft and chewy, not buttery enough too. Comes with the usual sides of coleslaw, fries and baked beans. This chicken cutlet is quite likeable.

Cod Fish

The cod fish is fairly crispy and moist. Tastes decent. Comes with the usual sides. Regular fish fillet is available as well instead of cod fish. Personally I prefer their chicken.

Salmon Teriyaki

Besides western food, 323 Food & Beverage sells a handful of Japanese rice dishes too.

This is a large stab of teriyaki salmon with nice flavours of teriyaki sauce. It has nice juicy flesh and smooth salmon skin. Unfortunately its skin isn’t crispy though. Comes with rice, fried tofu, miso soup and coleslaw. The fried tofu is just slightly crispy and is mostly soft. The miso soup is ordinary. The teriyaki salmon is quite good value and tastes decently nice.

Chicken Teriyaki

The chicken teriyaki set comes with the usual sides. The chicken is soft, tender and juicy with nice flavours of teriyaki sauce. It is a tad on the salty side though, but still likeable.

Chicken Katsu

The katsu chicken set comes with the usual rice, fried tofu, miso soup and coleslaw. The chicken cutlet is done with a nice crispy crust and juicy meat. It is drizzled with some plum sauce. Nice flavours. I like it.


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