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Han’s Cafe

is a chainstore serving a large selection of local and western food. Burgers, sandwiches, pastries, snacks and cakes too.


Chicken Superburger with Egg

This burger comes with a chicken burger patty and a sunny side egg, served with fries and salad. The fries are crispy and the salad has crunchy and juicy vegetables. As for the burger, the buns are toasted and spread with butter. The chicken patty is nicely flavoured and juicy. The sunny side egg has a watery yolk. Quite a likeable burger, and you can choose to have it with a beef patty instead of chicken.

Beef Cheeseburger

This burger comes with a beef burger patty on melted cheese, a sunny side egg, tomato and cucumber slices. The buns are toasted and spread with butter. The beef patty is juicy with nice flavours. No fries and salad is served with this burger. It is good for a light meal and you can also choose to have a chicken patty for this burger instead of beef.

Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Han’s serves a handful of sandwiches too. Available with a choice of white bread or wholemeal bread. Shown here is their fried egg and cheese sandwich with toasted white bread. The toasted white bread is spread with butter, sandwiching an omelette, cheese, tomato and cucumber slice in between. This makes quite a nice light meal or snack.

Chicken Curry Puff

The chicken curry puff has a nice flaky and crispy pastry crust that is quite light and airy. Comes with nicely flavoured curry potato filling with small bits of chicken meat, and it doesn’t taste spicy at all. Nice to snack on.

Potato Curry Puff

Likewise, the potato curry cuff has a nice flaky and crispy pastry crust that is quite light and airy. Contains nicely flavoured curry potato filling that doesn’t taste spicy.

Tuna Puff

The tuna puff has the same fluffy pastry crust. Contains tuna filling that has a mildly sweet taste.

Minced Sausage Roll

The minced sausage roll is nice too. Same fluffy crust but with minced sausage inside. It’s more like minced luncheon meat than sausage. Nice savoury taste and good for snacking on.

Chicken Pie

This chicken pie contains chunks of chicken meat with mixed vegetables, wrapped in a nice fluffy and flakey crust. I like it.

Black Forest Cake

The black forest cake is Han’s signature cake. It has a rich and moist chocolate sponge that is stuffed with sweet homemade dark cherry filling. There are some chocolate flakes at the top layer of cream and topped with a cherry. Nice.

American Cheese Slice

This cheesecake is creamy, rich, with a dense cheese layer atop a crunchy graham cracker crumb base. It has nice cheesy flavours.

Coffee Cake

The coffee cake has as very nice fragrant coffee smell. It has a light and moist expresso flavoured coffee sponge cake that is coated with fresh coffee cream. A small chocolate bit sits on top and some chocolate sparklers finishings at the sides. Quite nice.

Chocolate Truffle

This chocolatey cake has rich chocolate mousse sandwiched between layers of moist chocolate sponges. Finishes off with a chocolate mousse and fine chocolate layer, and topped with a piece of chocolate truffle. It is a bit on the sweet side though.


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