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Zion Road Singapore

Al Afrose Restaurant

is a 24 hours Indian restaurant serving the usual prata, naan, prata, etc. Some stuff are good.

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Roti Prata

Al Afrose Restaurant serves rather nice roti prata with a choice of curries: mutton (default), chicken and fish. A variety of roti prata options are available.

The mutton curry is spicy with nice flavours of mutton. The chicken curry is very nicely flavoured and light level of spiciness, and the fish curry has a nice light flavours of fish.

Plain, Egg, Coin Prata

The plain prata is crispy outside and chewy inside. Its texture is a little firm. Likewise for the egg prata, it is crispy outside with a layer of soft egg filling inside and chewy as well. Coin prata is just a smaller sized version of the plain prata. Similarly, it is crispy outside and chewy inside. They are a little burnt for mine but the burnt parts are really crispy. All 3 are likeable.


Al Afrose Restaurant does a selection of naan as well, served with the usual choice of curries. Nice portions.

Garlic Naan

The garlic naan is firm and chewy with some crispy parts. Garlic bits tastes nice. Tastes nice when dipped with curry.


Al Afrose Restaurant serves really nice thosai that are thin and crispy. Comes with the usual 3 dipping sauces. Recommended.

Cheese Egg Thosai

The cheese egg thosai has a nice cheesy flavour with a thin layer of egg and bits of cheese as filling. The outsides is thin and crispy. Good!

Masala Thosai

This masala thosai has nice paper thin crispy outside with a nice curry flavoured potato filling inside. Tastes really good.


A nice selection of drinks is available here as well.

Teh Halia, Ice Lemon Halia

This teh halia has nice tea flavours and isn’t too sweet. It has a hint of ginger flavours that isn’t overpowering. Quite nicely balanced. If tea isn’t to your liking, you can opt for their lemon halia which has nice lemon and ginger flavourings and a sweet taste. Both are available in either hot or ice versions. Likeable.

Ice Teh Cino, Ice Teh-O Lychee

The teh cino has a bottom layer of sweet condensed milk and a top layer of nicely flavoured tea. Mixed together and its taste is quite balanced. As for the teh-o lychee, it has sugared tea with lychee added. Nice tea and lychee flavours. Both are nice.


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Al Afrose Restaurant

River Valley Road

Google Maps Singapore 248320


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