Review: Nagoor Mee Stall (Singapore)

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Zion Riverside Food Centre Singapore

Nagoor Mee Stall

is an Indian food stall selling the usual mee goreng, roti prata, roti john, etc.

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Mee Goreng

This mee goreng comes with vegetable bits, potato bits, chopped green chilli and mutton stir fried with yellow noodles and egg in a red ketchup based sauce. it is served with some cucumber slices and a dollop of ketchup on the side.

This plate of mee goreng has a nice dry texture and tastes decent. The chunks of mutton bits are slightly gamey though, but still acceptable. Instead of yellow noodles, you can choose to have this done with the usual choices of mee hoon, kway teow, rice and maggi mee.

Mee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis

The mee hoon goreng ikan bilis replaces the mutton bits with ikan bilis and is fried white without any additional red sauce. It contains the usual vegetables and green chilli bits, and served with cucumber slices and ketchup on the side. The fried egg seen above is an extra add on.

The ikan bilis here unfortunately is turning soft and isn’t that crispy and crunchy. The fried mee hoon also tastes a bit bland. The fried egg has a nice watery yolk and has slightly crispy whites. Personally I think the mutton version with red sauce tastes better.

Nasi Goreng Pattaya

Thie nasi goreng pattaya is essentially a nasi goreng topped with a fried egg omelette with sweet thai chilli sauce added. It contains the same bits and pieces as the mee goreng with rice replacing the yellow noodles.

Similarly to the mee goreng, this fried rice has a nice dry texture with nice flavours. The egg omelette topping is nicely fried too. Although this is truly authentic pattaya style nasi goreng with an egg wrapper instead of topping, I still quite like the taste of this.

Roti Prata

Beside the usual fried noodles and fried rice, Nagoor Mee Stall sells roti prata as well. The usual choices of roti prata is available. Shown here are the plain prata and egg onion prata.

The plain prata is lightly crispy outside and has a chewy texture inside. As for the egg onion prata, it has the same chewy texture with a soft egg and onion bits filling inside. Its outside unfortunately isn’t crispy. Both tastes decent.

The roti prata comes with a choice of either mutton or fish curry with mutton curry being the default option. The mutton curry has nice mutton flavours and mildly spicy. The fish curry likewise is spicy with fairly nice flavours. Personally I prefer the mutton curry here, which has a bit more intense flavours.

Roti John

Roti john is available here as well with usual choice of mutton, chicken or sardine. The default mutton is chosen for this. The egg omelette coating the insides has a mixture of onion bits with some chopped green chilli. The bread itself is pan toasted with a very light crispiness. Mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce is topped on it. Personally I prefer the traditional type ones without mayonnaise and its chilli dipping sauce served separately. My preferences aside, this roti john tastes fairly decent.


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