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Chiantown Complex Food Centre Singapore

Chinatown Fried Rice

sells your regular fried rice with options for ikan bilis and luncheon meat. Tastes decent.


Fried Rice

Chinatown Fried Rice sells your regular fried rice with options for ikan bilis and luncheon meat. Seen above is with both ikan bilis and luncheon meat.

This plate of fried rice contains mixed vegetables, bits of crab stick and luncheon meat bits, stir fried with eggs and small bits of onions. This is topped with chopped spring onions, fried shallots and crispy ikan bilis.

The fried rice has a nice firm texture and tastes decent. Served with a fried egg and luncheon meat slices on the side. Quite likeable.


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Chinatown Fried Rice


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