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Chinatown Complex Food Centre Singapore

Number One Hundred

does a few selections of fried rice using Japonica rice. Tasty with good wok hei. Absolutely lovely!

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Taiwanese Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice

Number One Hundred does fried rice using Japonica rice giving this fried rice a nice firm texture. This fried rice is done really, smelling really fragrant, with a dry texture and nice smokey flavours of wok hei. Absolutely lovely!

The fried chicken cutlet is done Taiwanese style with seasoning powder sprinkled on top. This chicken cutlet has a very crispy and airy fried crust with moist meat inside. Its flavouring is good. This is definitely a very nice chicken cutlet in my opinion. Highly recommended.

Black Pepper Chicken Fried Rice

The black pepper chicken fried rice uses the same fried chicken cutlet cut into pieces and glazed with black pepper sauce with rather nice flavours. Though glazed with a sauce, the fried chicken is still quite crispy. Comes with the same tasty fried rice. This is quite likeable though personally I still prefer the taiwanese style fried chicken cutlet a bit more.

Pork Chop Fried Rice

Besides chicken cutlet, pork chop is available as an option too. This pork chop is pan fried with mildly crispy outsides. Its meat is quite soft and tender, though some parts are a little tough. It has nice marinated and meaty flavours. Quite likeable. The fried rice as usual has nice flavours of wok hei, and you can request for a limey tasting chilli paste to be included on the side. It goes rather well with the fried rice.

Shrimp Fried Rice

Instead of having chunks of meat, this fried rice uses shrimps as a replacement. The prawns are of decent size, quite fresh and decent portions. As usual the fried rice is tasty with lovely flavours of wok hei. I like this very much too. Next time, I shall been greedy and add on their taiwanese style chicken cutlet to this wonderful plate of shrimp fried rice.


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Number One Hundred


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