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Granny’s Pancake

does really nice min chiang kueh with choice of peanuts, coconut, red bean and their signature peanuts with peanut butter.


Min Chiang Kueh

Granny’s Pancake does really nice min chiang kueh with the usual options for peanuts, coconut and red bean. They do have a special flavour where peanut butter is added to their peanut pancake. This min chiang kueh has a really nice texture, soft and with a bit of chewiness.

For the peanuts pancake has crushed peanuts and sugar mixture that is of the right level of sweetness. However the peanuts are getting a bit soft. It would have been better if the peanuts are more crunchy. It is still likeable. Instead of having their regular peanut pancake, you may want to add peanut butter sauce and turn this into their signature flavour. The addition of peanut butter is like turning their peanut pancake into superhero mode with a really nice mess of gooey goodness. Highly recommended.

The coconut version of this pancake is really nice too. It has moist shredded coconuts that are lightly sweetened. Not too overpowering and you can still taste the freshness of the coconut shavings. Likewise for their red bean flavour, it is not too sweet and you can taste its red bean paste flavours quite distinctly. Nice.

This is definitely one of the better min chiang kueh around. Go for their signature peanuts with peanut butter flavour and coconut flavour. They are really lovely.


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