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Hor Fun Premium

is a popular stall offering a selection of hor fun with really good wok hei.

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Hor Fun

Hor Fun Premium has very tasty fried hor fun (flat wide rice noodles) with good wok hei. The hor fun is first stir fried in large round bottom wok (skillet pan), giving the hor fun a good charred and smokey taste. Ingredients are added next, followed by the gravy.

There are 3 options for the hor fun: Beef Hor Fun, Sliced Fish Hor Fun and Mixed Hor Fun. Beef Hor Fun comes with tender beef slices. Sliced Fish Hor Fun comes with large chunks of sliced fish meat. Mixed Hor Fun comes with a couple of prawns and sliced fish meat and pork slices.

This gravy is made just right. Not too thick, not too salty and the slivers of scrambled eggs puts a nice finish to it. Paired with the stir fried hor fun’s smokiness and charred taste is simply mouth-watering. Add in some bits of fried lard pieces and it becomes absolutely delicious. Recommended!


Hor Fun

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Hor Fun Premium

Alexandra Village FC

Singapore 150120


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