Review: Jasmin Stall Mee Goreng (Singapore)



Seah Im Food Centre Singapore

Jasmin Stall Mee Goreng

does the usual mee goreng, roti john, etc. Tastes rather decent.


Mee Goreng

This mee goreng comes with chunky mutton bits, chopped green chilli, vegetables and onion bits wok fried with yellow noodles, some bean sprouts and egg.

The fried noodles is springy with spicy and decent flavours and the mutton bits are meaty. Served with some cucumber slices and tomato sauce on the side. This plate of mee goreng is rather likeable.

Roti John

This roti john uses a french loaf sliced into halves with an inner egg coating containing mutton bits and onion bits as its filling, and pan fried to a slight crisp. It is served with a mildly sweet tasting chilli dip on the side. This one is decent.


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Jasmin Stall Mee Goreng


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