[Review] Jasmin Stall Mee Goreng @ Singapore

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Roti John is somewhat like a localised version of french toast. Instead of having egg coated on on the whole bread, the egg is only on the sliced insides of a french loaf. This stall serves pretty decent traditional style Roti John. It is made using a french loaf is sliced into halves, egg mixed with minced mutton meat coated on the insides and pan-fried. Served with chilli sauce as a dip on the side.

Roti John – a localised version of french toast.
Roti John with egg, mutton and chilli sauce.
Stall is located inside Seah Im Food Centre.
Seah Im Food Centre.

Jasmin Stall Mee Goreng
4 Seah Im Rd,
#01-46 Seah Im Food Centre,
Singapore 099115

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